Villa ‘het Tolhuis’

63_image1_1_ICO_141004_Bekkering Adams architects_Tolhuis_1440x960_betonprijs

63_image1_2_141011_Bekkering Adams architects_Tolhuis_1440x960

63_image1_3_141001_Bekkering Adams architects_Tolhuis_1440x960

63_image1_4_141012_Bekkering Adams architects_Tolhuis_1440x960

63_image1_5_141006_Bekkering Adams architects_Tolhuis_1440x960

63_image1_6_141009_Bekkering Adams architects_Tolhuis_1440x960


Villa Tolhuis | Private House and Studio

Architect: Bekkering Adams

Location: Zaltbommel

Completed: 2015

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*Imagery sourced from Bekkering Adams

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