Spotlight On: Cups & Saucers

The making of tea has been both a ritual and ceremonious for centuries. Today, the choices of drinking vessel is both varied and vast – big ones, small ones, ones as big as your head!

There really is no right or wrong when when choosing cups & saucers, it’s your chance to throw every design ‘rule’ you’ve ever heard out the window.  You want to drink out of a brightly contrasting, highly patterned teacup? Go for it!  Maybe it’s your time to feel a bit posh – Nobody’s stopping you!

Here is The Design Informant’s Top 5 Picks …

Spotlight On: Cups & Saucers

Product details below …

Tea cup and saucer
46 AUD –

29 AUD –

290 AUD –

Mine Tea Cup 40cl, White/Red
120 AUD –


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