The Beach


The Beach, is an interactive installation designed by Snarkitecture for the National Building Museum.  The installation is an abstract design concept, allowing visitors the familiar experience of a day at the beach, with one exception, this ocean is made up of 750,000 recyclable plastic balls. The space welcomes individuals to immerse themselves and play in the unique, minimal and monochromatic environment, and the best part – for this day at the beach you need not pack sunscreen or a towel, or even worry about getting your hair wet!

276_snarkitecture-the-beach-02-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-03-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-04-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-05-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-06-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-07-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-08-noah-kalina 276_snarkitecture-the-beach-09-noah-kalina

Architects:  Snarkitecture

Location: Washington D.C.

Completion: 2015

Photography: Noah Kalina

See more of the studio’s work here

*Images sourced from Snarkitecture

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