Shustov Brandy Bar



10269165_720539707988130_2155417826455612314_oBelenko Design Studio have transformed this 19th-century cellar into Shustov Brandy Museum and Bar.

Shustoc Brandy Bar | The Design Informant

The space is darky and moody, creating both a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.  As you enter the space, patrons are greeted by a truly spectacular lighting installation of an estimated 20, 000 brandy bottles, a design feature which instantly grasps attention yet compliments the shapes and shadows created by the unique wall coverings.  In the bar, real barrel tops completely cover the walls and are ingeniously accentuated by spotlights allowing the walls to take on an entirely new texture.

10264220_720540181321416_5266039019269853945_o 10258521_720539677988133_1290528681196728316_o

Belenko Design Studio especially designed Shustov’s bespoke chairs which are accompanied with reclaimed oak table tops to complete the space, highlighting the character of the interior and nodding its head to the history of the once-was cellar.

10255510_720539927988108_7730720642829825870_o 1965657_720539971321437_6264103907082814584_o1911292_720539657988135_4785203363353888188_o 1781747_720540097988091_1924796551163236021_o

Architects:  Studio Belenko

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Completion: 2014

Photography:  Pavel Babienko

See more of the architects work here

Visit Shustov Brandy Bar and Museum here

*Images sourced from Studio Belenko

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