Babelutte by Bartholomeus


Babelutte by Bartholomeus chocolate shop, by Antwerp-based two-Michelin star chef Bart Desmidt, is described as “not just chocolate, but haute couture chocolate made in Belgium.”  As one would imagine, anything haute couture needs to be displayed in a space equally as fabulous.  Nendo have designed the fit out for BbyB’s first overseas store in Ginza, Japan – and one things for sure, the space looks as exclusive as the product.

The long, narrow space utilises white marble tiles, lighting hidden in alcoves and transparent shelving to allow the eye-catching, colourful BbyB chocolates to truly be in the limelight.

BbyB_Ginza04_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza05_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza06_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza07_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza08_daici_ano

Adding some theatre to the space, the customer is able to approach the seemingly floating chocolates in transparent pull out drawers, slide out the drawer and remove the chocolate packaging themselves.  As the customer floats through the space, they will notice the drawers seamlessly transition into a display case for individual chocolates and further along, a counter for customer’s to sit at in the shop’s cafe.  All in all, a compelling, transformative space.

BbyB_Ginza11_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza07_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza08_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza09_daici_ano BbyB_Ginza10_daici_ano

For your viewing pleasure, a video of the creation of the BbyB products.

Architect:  Nendo

Location:  Ginza, Japan, Tokyo

Completion: 2015

Photography:  Daico Ano

See more of the architects work here

Visit the BbyB here

*Images sourced from Nendo

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