Izakaya Kinoya




Chaos and Confinement – two words that perfectly describe the angular and intimate atmosphere Jean de Lessard created in the design of Kinoya: a Japanese restaurant and bar.  Lessard has taken the idea of an Izakaya (traditionally an informal Japanese drinking establishment) and amplified it through the wild, rough and cocooned design of the space.  The faceted interior, structured from repurposed wood from local barns, not only serves as the primary aesthetic feature but also controls acoustics through the deflection of sound waves.  Mixing traditional East with West, the abstract tavern-esque feel of the space has been urbanised through the implementation of graffiti style artwork.  Lessard describes the interior as forcing ‘a symbiosis within, between occupants‘, as occupants are able to feed off each other’s energy and the energy of the space.  Kinoya is the ultimate seduction into rowdiness.    Kinoya-Delessard-11-web-504x620Kinoya-Delessard-10-web-720x934Kinoya-Delessard-02-web-936x620 Kinoya-Delessard-09-web-1440x620

“For a space to become Event or Emotion, it must generate its own energy. I designed an enclosed space that is totally focused on the business of partying. The design elements are deliberately oppressive or aggressive, so that it is anarchic, rough and where we are loudly heckled” (Jean de Lessard)

Kinoya-Delessard-08-web-936x620 Kinoya-Delessard-07-web-720x934 Kinoya-Delessard-06-web-1440x620



Architect:  Jean de Lessard

Location: Montreal, Canada

Completion: 2014

Photography:  Adrien Williams

See more of the architects work here

*Images sourced from Jean de Lessard

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