Waste Not, Want Not – The Art of Upcycling

Lets play the word association game … the word is ‘recycled’.

Petit h.

If only everything in life narrowed itself down to having some type of relationship to Hermes! Now what an earth does Hermes have to do with recycling you ask? I shall enlighten you …

One of my very first Instagram posts were of Studio Toogood’s installation for petit h, Hermes in London. It was the modern day abattoir – staff wore aprons and gloves made of scrap Hermes material – knives, tools and pliers mounted the walls and garments dripping with pigmented resin hang by meat hooks. The design was modern, quirky, whitty and had a dark sense of humour. Well petit h has done it again! Discarded materials and byproducts have once again been transformed by designers and artists into unique, luxury items.

From an elephant sculpture made of calfskin, and alligator panelled toy cars, to petit bateaus with their sails fashioned from discontinued silks, the pop up boutique which opened on the 13th June in Los Angeles is filled with one-offs! And with more than 4000 one-of-a-kinds available, I prefer the word ‘upcycled’ to ‘recycled’.

“I cannot imagine that you would not try and save something by giving it another use. So I thought I would see what I could do with these leftovers.”

– Pascale Mussard

Pascale Mussard is the woman behind petit h – a sixth generation member of the Hermes family. Opening the first concept shop in 2010 in Paris, Mussard employs creatives and craftsmen to turn rejected stock and offcuts into something spectacular. The amazing thing about petit h is the concept’s sustainable frame of mind – reducing the textile waste within the garment and textile industry.


*images sourced from petit h, Hermes

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